Blockadia*Tiefsee, Synnika, Frankfurt am Main, 2021
Blockadia*Tiefsee is a temporary collective, constantly changing in shape and size. Like a biopolymer or a collection of cells we knot together in order to motivate change, store energy and carry it outwards. With the possibilities of self-organization, spontaneous disposition and responsibility, of frugality, solidarity and empathy, we test the form-finding of our discourses in material, substance, object and space. The focus is on dealing with the changes in the world due to capitalism and climate change: with what surrounds us under the influence of new technologies, economic and ecological forces and transformations.

With our project Soil Strings - Commoning And Compost for Synnika we create everyday, temporal and material overlaps of "composting" through various stations on the roof terrace as well as installations, other works and a window-film-screening in the exhibition space on the ground floor of the We show our discoveries of agreements and dependencies on the often unseen other: from the microcosm of worms to the outside urban space. Open discussions and workshops with the residents and guests of the expand the space to exchange and convey ideas and knowledge. Together we explore possibilities to rethink resources, relationships and values, and to use renewable methods for the production art in the sense of commoning.
    growing experiments, changing videos

  • Deception Island
    Jane Chang Mi, 2015 (1:30)

  • Blockadia*Tiefsee
    Joëlle Pidoux, 2021, Video

  • Soil Reader
    Martin Dörr, 2021, Papier

  • Casting Worm Controller
    Martin Dörr, Wagehe Raufi, 2021
    Wurmlosungsgefüge, Raspberry Pi, 4" IPS Screen, Videoloop, 3:00min, WVGA, Farbe.

  • Fragments
    Ulrike Markus, 2019, Porzellan

  • Public intervention Status Quo Ladder
    Mathias Weinfurter, Trondheim, NO, 2019, Fotografie

  • I am still waiting
    Stefan Thürck, 2021, Acryl auf Leinwand

  • Earthbed (Modell zur Wachstums-Denkfabrik)
    Blockadia*Tiefsee, 2021 (ongoing)
    Objekte auf torffreier Bodenschichtstruktur. Insektenhotel aus geschrühtem Ton; SCOBY mit Buchstabenkettchen gehalten von Spaghetti-Stab; Growing Myzelium (Töpfe, Bricks, Platten, Wachstumsstation); Seifenplatte/-kristalle; ungebrannter Ton; Gemüseverholzung; Olivenöl-Kannister inkl. Begleitheft; Hummus in Kunststoff; Pyroplastik (synthetische Gesteinsform, die sich unter dem natürlichen Einfluss von Zersetzungs- und Verwitterungsprozessen aus den Abfällen der globalen Kunststoffproduktion bildet) in recycelter HDPE-Folie. Mit Beiträgen von: Stephan Idé, Petra Metzner, Joëlle Pidoux, Dennis Siering, Linda Weiß, und Kompostgrüßen von Antonia Lotz, Susanne M. Winterling & Eisenia Foetida.

  • SCREENING, outdoor

  • Prinz der Austernpiraten
    Mathias Weinfurter, 2020, (2:22)

  • Kritik zur konzertierten Aktion im Frankfurter Bahnhofsviertel
    Medienkollektiv Frankfurt, 2020, (9:11)

  • The Inbetween and the Not Yet
    Sarah Reva Mohr, 2020, (4:57)

  • Steckbrief Natur – Folge 1 – Der Waldkauz
    Aleks Radan, 2019, (8:15)

  • Very Very Important Fish
    Irwan Ahmett, 2012, (4:22)

  • ROOFTOP GARDEN, outdoor
    Blockadia*Tiefsee, Worm Farm, Architecture for Insects, Weather Station, Irrigation System, Garden Beds, Plants, 2021, (under construction)